Terms and Conditions


We, advise buyers, to review each contract page as the signed contract takes immediate effect. Any later adjustments are considered null and void.


Buyers MUST be aware that Pro-forma Invoices are ONLY issued after (Icc-International Chamber of Commerce), seller and buyer agreements. Once they are Issue payment is expected to be done within 3 working days.


All shipping are CIF+SGS inspection and documentation is scanned and emailed to buyers immediately upon shipment departure while originals are executed via DHL or FEDEX Express delivery respectively


Our Payment Method is T/T depending on the order we also consider irrevocable,revolving DLC-SBLC


In case of cancellation or dispute after payments, We do offer a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks for refund. Some refunds are 100% depending on the trade.


We reserve the right to cancel orders we are not satisfied with (Applicable to Minimum orders, delivery conflict ports, etc) 
We reserve the right to choose our Customers Respectively.