Our Vision and Mission

NSInfinitus understands that the world is fast changing and the African commodity market is growing at as geometric pace, therefore it is on a mission to make a difference and contribute to positive development by delivering value to its customers and fostering the environment for growth and development.

Our Vision

Our vision is an ecosystem where commodity procurement and shipping is done easily by every company in Europe and UK, irrespective of the company size. It is not enough for us to operate in this industry; we want to become an industry leader, contributing to the advancement of the industry through our operation.


Our Core Values

There are a set of core values, which are at the base of everything that we do and all that we believe in. These guide us to deal with every aspect of any issue we might encounter in our personal and professional lives. These values help us grow inside and outside, personally, and as an organization.



NSInfinitus is committed to the provision of quality goods ordered from Africa to its target market in Europe. The company will use all the necessary resources in its capacity to ensure that every transaction is done with minimal stress on the part of the buyer. We will monitor their progress to understand what works best for each customer and how we can improve our results. Every part of our process will be carried out in excellence to exceed the expectations of our customers.



We are driven by what could be possible in our industry, and what is achievable with our clients. NSInfinitus will ensure continuous improvements regarding its procedure, procurement, validation, shipping, clearing, delivery and other processes that require close evaluation and improvements to satisfy our clients.



NSInfinitus understands the value of communication and how it is pivotal to achieve customer loyalty. We cannot sell to our clients, but we are able to effectively communicate with them. This is why the company will hire a professional marketing agency to handle the company’s brand communication and PR. We will also create a feedback system that will allow us to learn what customers think of our services and how we can make improvements.


Ethical Behaviour


We believe in conducting our business with openness and honesty. Our processes are detailed and will be easily shared with our clients. We believe the love and respect that goes into the care for our clients, training of staff, and interacting with clients will keep the company going in terms of customer retention and sales.



We understand that as we expand our customer base, serving different clients will require us to adjust our services where necessary. We will continue to deliver the best services and not allow our standard to drop. We will not forget the reasons why the company was created, no matter the size of the company.

About Us

Exporting and importing helps grow national economies and expands the global market. Every country is endowed with certain advantages in resources and skills. For example, some countries are rich in natural resources, such as fossil fuels, timber, fertile soil or precious metals and minerals, while other countries have shortages of many of these resources. Imports are important for businesses and individual consumers; this is why NSInfinitus has decided to operate in this challenging space to participate in the development of the African market and participate in improving trade between the markets, in an effective, honest and fair way, by promoting and building trust.

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